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The Author
jane-austen.jpg Jane Austen was an realisist English novelist who was master in using free indirect speech, trivesty, and irony to perform social commentary. Jane was born on the 16th of December, 1775. Her literature development skill was built mostly by his father, brothers, and her own reading. The Austen family is a big family, Jane was one of the youngest. She had six brothers and one sister. Austen completed numorus of great literatur e work such as, Sence of Sensability, Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, etc. As a female writer Jane tried to highlight women in the society. During this period, which is around last 1700s and 1800s, women's marrige were tigh together with her social status and wealth. Jane perfectly demostrate the dependence of woman's marrige in Pride and Prejudice. It is believed that Austen's works were verifying the moral issuses.
As early as 1787,Jane started off with short poems, which later on were bound into three notebooks. This early piece of work is now known as the "Juvenilia." The adulthood of Jane has not much difference as a normal ordinary woman. Later in the 1793, Austen began producing
her great work of novels that some of them are still well known today.
Film: Pride and Prejudice
The Bennet family remain their present in a country outside of London. The family member include Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters. Within the Bennet's five young ladies there are Jane, who is believed to be the most attractive out of the three. Elizabeth, who is another Bennet sisters, is portrayed as an intelligent and sensible young lady. Lydia is the opposite of Elizabeth, she is a
gossipy, immature, and self-involved girl who fell into sudden romance. All of the Bennet sisters are all at their marriageable age. All the reasons for Mrs. Bennet to plan on the dependence of the marriage of her daughters to secure the social status and the financial support. In addition, the Bennet family's heir for their fortune are now the cousin, Mr. Collins since Mr. Bennet has no male heir.

Film: Pride and Prejudice
The perfect target arrive at the Bennet's resist country, Mr. Bingley. Mrs. Bennet, of course, doesn't want to loose this opportunity so she force Mr. Bennet to pay a visit to this wealthy young man. Mr. Bennet was never so consent about Mrs. Bennet's idea. However, he pay that visit to Mr. Bingley and have Mr. Bingley pay back the visit but the Bennet's sisters have not meet Mr. Bingley until the night at his ball. Mr. Bingly invite his two sisters, brother-in -law, and his friend Darcy. Mr. Bingley finally meet the Bennets and is overwhelm by the beauty of the oldest Bennet, Jane. Mr Darcy, on the other hand, despite the Benets and depicted Elizabeth as a tolerant but not good enough for him. Darcy's excess of pride cause himself to be the most hated man in the ball and especially to Elizabeth.

Mr. Bingley soon fell in love with Jane Bennet but their relationship is disapprove by many of his family including Mr. Darcy. For the most reason is the misbehavior of Jane's ignorant mother and sister, Lydia. Mr. Bingley is send back to London to prevent a unhealthy marriage that is thought by him family. The sudden departure of Bingley unpset the young beautiful Bennet. Mrs. Bennet, who is afraid to loose the young wealthy men, send Jane to the relative who live in London.

Meanwhile, Mr. Collins, the legal inheritor of the Bennet's property , arrived in the country. Mr. Collins is a very pretentious and idiotic clergyman. Although his social status is not something to be proud about, he still constantly annoy people about Lady Catherine de Bourgh serve as his patroness. His main purpose for this visit is to choose a wife out of the three Bennet sisters. Nevertheless, after Elizabeth's rejection of his proposal he turn to married her best friend, Charlotte Lucas. The wedding bring Elizabeth to Darcy's aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

Mr. Darcy, on the other side, develop his love towards the wise Elizabeth Bennet not only because of her appearance but also her inner beauty. Elizabeth, however, is strongly sustaining her prejudice towards Mr. Darcy. The bright Bennet's rejection increases Darcy's appreciation. Love determine Darcy to propose to the young Bennet but, yet, is turn down by Elizabeth. Her opinion about Darcy change after she learn his generosity that happen in the following events.

Film: Pride and Prejudice
Lydia and Wickham, as it is previously stated, are now elope together. The fact that they are not marry might cause the Bennet family's reputation ruin. Bennet family is certainly disgrace by the elopement. Mr. Bennet approval of their marriage give his the responsibility to pay Wickham's remaining debt, that is later on paid by Darcy. Mr. Darcy's generosity might comes from his own guilt from not warning the Bennet about Wickham's pass dishonorable intention that happen to Darcy's sister. Elizabeth's impression towards Darcy have a dramatic change after she has learn his personality. Soon after that, Mr. Bingley and Jane return to the country from London and decided to finally marry each other. In addition to that, Mr. Darcy return to Elizabeth and proclaiming his love to her and this time Elizabeth respond to his love.

BackgroundPride and Prejudice's manuscript was initia lly written between 1796 and 1797 in Steventone. The novel is basically demonstrating the live of the middle classes and the upper classes. If we pay more attention to the book, one will realize that most of the characters don't work; they are mostly landowners. As previously stated, there are class distinction among the land classes, it determent by the amount of wealth own by the people. The class distinction in Jane's writing is very stubborn. For instance, Mr. Darcy looks down at those who don't possessed as much wealth as he does.Women during the late 1700s in England were largely restricted to the home and family. For the upper class women, their lives are only full of socializing in parties and publ ic ball. The ladies lived life of ease and leisure, mainly concern with society, children, and marriage. By the nineteenth century, arrange marriage no longer exist. Young girls get introduce into the society by their married relative. Therefore, a girl will “came out” only after her elder sister is married. Book Review
From the very first paragraph I read from Pride and Prejudice I can already predict how the tone of the remaining story will be. It is rather interesting to read a novel that is told from such a old fashion way. The author's elegant tone certainly can comforts readers. In fact the vocabulary and plot are not as complex as some stories but the way that is told gives that specialness to the book. I am absolutely been drag into the book. It is imaginable for me to bea woman living in a less fortune family. The only way for these women to rise their status is to married a wealthy man.

The book, Pride and Prejudice, opens with the line “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." This opening sentence directly express the opinion of Mrs. Bennet. Mrs. Bennet is obviously the ignorant one and mostly the person who cause the plot the story. She is the one who tries to secure herself from having a rich son-in-law. Once I learn the reason for Mrs. Bennet's behavior plus consideration of woman's place in the society I stop blaming for her enthusiastic. During there time the social classes are the most important matter in the society. For example, Mr. Darcy's pride probably comes from his background. In other word, Darcy's wealthy environment that he is raise in contribute him to naturally look down at lower class people. In this novel, we can easily sense the distinguish between rich and poor.

My favorite character in the story is Mr. Darcy. The story itself is told from Elizabeth Bennet's point of view, which makes her to be a more sympathetic figure. However, Mr. Darcy's mysteriousness can bring out reader's curiosity. When Mr. Darcy first appear in the ball, reader's first impression of him are probably a very proud man. It is interesting for me to suddenly realized that Darcy's personality relate directly to the name of the book. As I read further I begin to learn more about Darcy's family and character. I must admit that he's the only character in the book that kept me interested throughout the novel. It is similar as solving a mystery; most of the questions get answer as you receive more information from this novel.

Later on in the book I eventually learn what the major theme that Austen wanted to confirm. It is that the importance of the upbringing environment can effect the young people's character and morality. The social status and wealth can not by once advantage. For instance, Mister and Misses Bennet have been blame for the unmoral judgment of Lydia. Moreover, Darcy could be educated carefully and morally but also proud and overbearing.


There are many similarities that were found between the books Pride and Prejudice and Bridge Jone's Diary. The most noticeable one is the male characters' last names in both book and the film. (Fitzwilliam Darcy to Mark Darcy). The relationship of Daniel Cleaver to Mark Darcy is parallel the relationship of George Wickham to Fitzwilliam Darcy. Last but not least, the similar behavior of both Bridget's and Elizaneth Bennet's parents.

Mr. Darcy's Daughters
Mr. Darcy's Daughters, is a novel that is published in 2003 by Elizabeth Aston. The novel is mainly about the five daughters of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Dacy. The author focus on the five girls prospect of marriage. The five girls pay a visit to their cousin in London while their parents are gone. This book is not thought to be a directly the continue version of Pride and Prejudice although they have similar plot. None of the characters from Pride and Prejudice, including Elizabeth or Darcy are feature in this novel. The girls are mainly looking for a suitable husbands for them selves in the book.

Off-Broadway Poster

I Love You Because, is a moder day musical that retells the story of Pride and Prejudice. The characters in the musical are gender reverse. The main plot is very similar to the original book they based on. The first scene of the show, one of the main character, Austin Bennet, discovers his girlfriend, Catherine, is unfaithful. As the story goes on, Austin meets and develops feelings for Marcy Fitzwilliams. At the same time, Marcy's best friend, Diana Bingley, develops an unlikely affair with Austin's slacker brother, Jeff. All four main characters' complicated relationships sets the plot in motion. The main storyline focusing on the mix feeling of Austin toward the two ladies, Catherine and Marcy. Austin can either choose to returning to his cheating ex-girlfriend, Catherine, or taking a chance and dating Marcy.

By Angela. Ko